LGBTQ Ithaca

Ithaca was ranked by the Williams Institute at UCLA as the 14th “Gayest City in America,” after Denver, CO, in 2009.

The city is known not only for Cornell and Ithaca College, but also for it’s vibrant downtown, the variety of entertainment options that exist (in theatre, music and dance) and the fact that it has more restaurants per capita than New York City!

There are a number of opportunites to connect with LGBTQ people in Ithaca outside of Cornell!

For more information about Ithaca generally check out:

  • Ithaca Events: a site with lots of info about daily Ithaca activities
  • The State Theatre: a great venue for concerts, plays, and performances
  • Ithaca Menus: a site with menus from all the local restaurants
  • Cayuga Wine Trail: Ithaca and it’s surrounding areas are home to some of the best wineries in the country! Check them out
  • Ithaca Farmer’s Market: a major highlight of the Ithaca experience! Local farmers and artisans market with over 150 vendors every weekend throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall!


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